DIY flower girl tutu

Another DIY for my friend Priscilla's wedding is to make flower girl tutu's!  She decided on white tulle and a white band with the fabric from the bridesmaids dresses tied in a bow at the waist.

After scouring the web for some diy tips I got a stretchy banded fabric and had Priscilla cut the tulle into 6" wide lengths for the flower girls.  I sewed the ends of the stretchy band together to form a loop.

Next, I took the tulle that Priscilla cut for me and looped it through every other hole.  

Lastly, I wove the fabric leftover from hemming the bridesmaids dresses around the waist band, 1 hole up from the looped tulle and tied it into a bow.  Here's my daughter showing off her tutu. Isn't it adorable?!

DIY Mr & Mrs signs

My best friend Priscilla is getting married soon and she had a few DIY projects to do.  One of them was a Mr & Mrs sign for the back of the chairs at the reception for their sweetheart table.

I headed over to michaels and picked up two slate plaques which came with twine to hang them with.  Next I took some chalk and wrote Mr on one then Mrs on the other.  Viola!  Easy peasy and don't they look so cute?!


Baby Sprinkle! DIY themed

I just hosted a baby sprinkle for my friend Jamie and it was so much fun!  Since it was in the evening, we had appetizers and fondue.  I had set up a thumbprint sign in and a diy headband station.  I think everything turned out really well and all the ladies had fun making baby to be something cute.

I bought a blank 9x12 canvas from hobby lobby and some mini ink pads from michaels.  I cut out a small square piece of burlap and got glued it to the bottom.  Then everyone inked their thumbs and placed a print above the burlap.  After the ink dried, everyone signed their names with a sharpie.  Jamie will fill in a few hot pink circles to make the balloon shape more obvious.  Since the baby's new room is a hot air balloon theme this will be a perfect wall decal too!

For the diy headband station I typed up directions and placed that in a frame.  I bought two spools of elastic ribbon and made some flowers.  My mom crocheted flowers while I made some fabric to yo yos.  I placed a jar of buttons, needle and thread, felt, scissors, ruler, ribbon, tags and a pen and hot glue gun on the table.  The ladies measured out their headband and stitched it together.  Then they glued together the flower and piece of felt onto the headband some with buttons and doe without.  Then they attached a tag which indicated what size their headband was and who made it.

We also made some ribbon covered hair clips.  I picked up some alligator clips from wal mart and my friend Stephanie picked up some fun ribbon from michaels.  Then we covered the alligator clips with the cute ribbons.

For favors I bought pretzel sticks and dipped them in chocolate and pink sprinkles.  I also made tags and attached those to pink nail polish bottles.  I think those turned out really cute!!

This was such a fun sprinkle but bittersweet as well since Jamie and her family are moving.  We will miss them!

Diy travel Legos!

I saw this post on how to make a travel Lego play case by using a travel wipes container.  It's brilliant!  We are about to head out on a trip and this would be perfect for my 4 year old on the plane and in the car especially since it is small and compact.

Check out her blog at:  http://www.mommytesters.com/2013/10/diy-travel-lego-case-from-baby-wipes.html?m=1


Spruce up your hair with a ribbon!

I saw this pin on pintrest and thought it was the right up my alley.  Simply spruce up your hair style with a ribbon!  

Check this out: