DIY Reusable bag

This is a reusable bag I made and it'll be great for everything since it's big enough for the beach, groceries, loose baby items, etc.

What you need:
1 yard of fabric
Sewing machine

Cut fabric - 2 strips for side panels, 2 thin strips for handles, 1 long strip for bottom and 2 large rectangles for front/back of bag.

Sew fabric wrong side out for handles then flip right side out and sew down seam.

Sew wrong side together of large rectangle to long strip to create bottom

Sew wrong side together of bottom (short) to side panel (repeat on other side)

Then match up wrong sides and see up the seams on all 4 corners

Adjust as needed to make top even

Mark where handles go, space evenly and sew down handles to bag then sew seem all around bag and over handle

Flip right side out, tada!!