IKEA trip

May 24, 2018

I went into IKEA today to grab a few bins and tubs in hopes of organizing my pantry.  I have a smallish pantry and hate the wire racks inside.  I plan to replace them with wood shelves but in the meantime I wanted to clean out and organize the items inside.

I picked up two (10 gallon) sortera recycling bins to hide/stash my flour, sugar and white rice bags.  These can stack on top of each other and still fit underneath the bottom shelf.  Bonus I can access the bags without pulling out the tubs since there is a flip lid on the front at an angle!

They also have these nifty plastic Vaviera trash cans that have holes in them.  I got two of them and plan to store my onions and potatoes on the side wall of my pantry.

I picked up a combination of their Tillsluta dry food containers with lids.  They claim to be Air right and I like that they can stack on top and match in height.  This should help with all the kids various half eaten snack bags and reduce clutter.

They have reasonably priced glass jars and pitchers so I got four pitchers with silicone lids for the fridge.  I buy a four to five gallons of milk every other week from Costco but my middle kiddos have a hard time pouring them.  I picked up two tall glass jars for either pasta or cereal to store in the pantry.

Lastly, I got various household items - small ironing board, bath mats, dish towels, and Ribba 8x10 picture frames since I either needed to replace stained or broken these exhausting items in my house.  I love going to IKEA but it is a half a day trip.  There is so much to look at and buy!  I have a hard time staying on task and sticking with my list but going there with no list is even more dangerous!

To the dismay of my four year old, I loaded everything into my baby jogger city select to transport all the items out to my car.  The poor kid had to walk from the exit to the car!  Have I said I love my stroller?  It has been very useful and can transport a lot more than three kiddos!

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