Rubbermaid Lunchblox

November 17, 2015
My current lunch container/system right now is the Rubbermaid lunchblox set.  I love them!  I bought four sets of them at the beginning of the school year and I wasn't sure if they would hold up for the entire year but they have!  I've mostly put them in the dishwasher and only hand wash them from time to time but they seem to be fine either way.  The small square ice packs actually keep their lunches cold since the kids sometimes bring home uneaten food.  They fit great in the lunch boxes that I found at target and they stacked well in the cooler for longer outings or road trips that we have taken this year too!

The set I bought can be found here.  I love that the ice pack snaps onto the container so it isn't floating around.  They are a good size and I can fit various lunch items inside the sandwich container as well as the small extra containers.  They are easy enough for my 3 well now 4 year old son to open on his own.  My 6 year old also hasn't had any complaints.

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