DIY Pallet flag

November 11, 2017
For the annual school auction I made a pallet flag with kids handprints for my daughters 3rd grade class basket.  Best part of working with pallets is you can make the project basically for free with a little bit of elbow grease.  One of the moms got the pallets and dropped them off at my house plus I already had the paint.  I ripped apart 1 pallet and then  nail gunned 2 of the pieces along the back to secure the boards.

I taped off half the width and half the length to paint the blue part of the flag.  The rest of the flag I painted with watered down white paint and painted that on.  Another mom spray painted wooden stars that I would glue on after getting the kids handprints.

We used red paint to get a set of handprints from the class including the teachers  and a black sharpie for them to sign next to them.

I roughly measured out the blue and lined up all the white stars.  I used wood glue to adhere them then let the flag dry overnight.  I covered it in two coats of water based poly letting it dry for an hour in between coats.  In retrospect I probably should have used acrylic red paint since I used water based poly because some of the handprints smudged.  Lastly I screwed in hanging brackets and attached a wire between them.  I think it turned out well for my first one!

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