Stanford University

July 06, 2017
I took the kids to visit Stanford University and while there are many places at Stanford to choose from I needed ones that were kid friendly so they needed to be locations that were easily accessible, short and quick and preferably outside.

Rodin sculpture garden outside Cantor Art Museum was at the top of my list.  There's easy pay for parking right across the street and wheelchair sidewalks that were convenient to walk on with my stroller.  Kids loved running around and seeing the different sculptures and were impressed with the big door.

Hoover Tower was up next and bonus was the little museum in the lobby filled with things about him and his wife.  They clearly state on their website no strollers or backpacks so I carried Luke in my ergo baby carrier and left the baby bag in the car.  We parked in front of Encina Hall and walked the short distance to the Tower.  There's a pretty water fountain across from it where we snapped a few photos.  The elevator ride is quick up the 14 flights and there are safety covers on all the Tower openings.  The docents were wonderful and patient with the kids pointing out a few different buildings and a few historical facts.  The kids liked looking at the campus from each Tower opening and were impressed by the bells.  

Afterwards we walked through the quad and visited the Stanford Memorial Church.  My cousin was married there about 8 years ago so it was neat to show the kiddos the beautiful inside and outside.  The kids really liked the large quad and running around.  

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