DIY Chinese Red Envelopes

February 08, 2016
Happy Chinese New Year!  It's the year of the monkey.  I thought it would fun for my kiddos to bring some chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil to share with their friends at school. I remember those being one of my favorite things when I was a child during our Chinese New Year visits to the older relatives.  I asked their teachers and they both said it was ok to send these in.  I was planning to just send a bag of chocolate coins then thought it might be neat to send them in individual red envelopes for each student.  

After looking at the Asian grocery store I didn't find any I liked.  They were all very elaborate and busy so I went online to look for a template.  I found one on a blog called Lil Country Librarian or click here.   I needed to edit the file so I could fit two envelopes per page rather than one.  I also added the Chinese character for monkey, a picture of a monkey and the year.  Then I printed them out, folded in two of the three tabs, glued, put two chocolate coins into each one and then folded the last tab over on top.

What you'll need:
Red paper
Printer for a template
Glue stick
Chocolate coins

The kiddos really liked them and were excited to take them to school to share with their friends!

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