Founding Farmers in Washington DC

August 16, 2015

Founding Farmers in Washington DC on Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the four restaurants owned by the farmers restaurant group.  We went to have dinner there and their motto of 'natural and quality' rang true in our meal.

We ordered the bread appetizer with fig, prosciutto and marscopone as well as the cornbread skillet with honey butter.  The fog, prosciutto and marscopone was my fav but hubby liked the cornbread more.  

Next, we had the fried chicken salad, short rib entree and boneless rib eye entree.  For sides we chose red skin mashed potatoes, pearl pasta and green beans.  All three were delish but if we go back my picks would be the fried chicken salad and boneless rib eye over the short rib entree.

The kiddos loved the food too!  The service staff was helpful, friendly and best of all quick.  With the kids in tow I was worried about having a long wait without a reservation but we were seated quickly (less than 30 minutes) and with food on the table shortly after we ordered.  We are definitely going back to explore more of the menu!

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