Easy travel outfits

July 06, 2015
We are about to embark on a 2.5 week road trip that is taking us to 6 national parks and 2 national monuments so I was looking up easy travel outfits that would also mix and match easily.  Here are a few of my favorites and the best part is most of these outfits used items I already had in my closet!

Wardrobe re-design - the Mother's Day edition http://styleunearthed.com/wardrobe-re-design-update-the-mothers-day-edition/

The original post for this maxi skirt outfit can be found here

The original post for why you should pack black leggings can be found here.

This pretty much sums up the other items in my suitcase but instead of cargo pants I chose a pair of jeggings and instead of a black mini I chose to pack a pair of black shorts.  This site has so many great ideas it's hard to pick which is best!  Click here to find your perfect travel wardrobe.

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