Diy Ribbon heart tshirt

February 13, 2015
I've been busy up cycling our old tshirts!   My hubby and I pulled out old tshirts that were either freebies from an event or just ones we wouldn't wear anymore.  The ones with smaller logos I've kept separate while the rest got donated.  From this pile I plan on making my kiddos some new shirts!  I had made some before for my son.....And now I'm thinking I'll make some shirts and dresses for my daughter.

Here's two easy ones I've made so far!  First I cut down my old tshirt and made it into my daughters size.  Then I cut strips of ribbon into a heart shape.  Next I sewed the ribbon onto the front of the tshirt piece with zig zag stitching.  Finally I sewed up the tshirt.  It's not perfect but it's obviously a heart!

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