Ikea kids table redo

March 02, 2015
Strolling through Pinterest I saw a few people had painted their kids table.  This idea is brilliant!  My kids have drawn and marked up their table and it was looking a bit sad.  After seeing a few pictures floating around I decided to give it a try.

I took the table apart and laid out the pieces in the garage.  I spray painted two coats of rust oleum gray onto the frame and two coats of rust oleum teal onto the bottom 3" of the legs.  I finished it off with one coat of clear top coat.  I also painted two coats of valspar black chalkboard paint onto the table top (my neighbor had a can).  

When everything is dry just put it back together again and viola!  Almost like new again.  This was a really easy and inexpensive way to spiff up our beat up ikea kids table!  

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