Diy Personalized Pallet Sign

March 08, 2015

After my pallet bookshelf project I had a few pallet boards leftover and decided to make a sign.  My friend had mentioned wanting one for her little girls room with the state of Texas and personalized with her name and birth date.  I offered to make her one so she wouldn't have to buy it and it actually turned out nice!  I'm always pleasantly surprised when my first try turns out well!  My stencil spacing needs a little work but that should come with more practice.  I'm hooked.....I want to make more signs and can't wait to try out new ideas!  

Here's what I did:
First, I matched up a few pallet boards to make sure they matched up flat and relatively even.  Then, I sanded it all over to make sure there were no sharp edges or pieces of wood sticking out.   After the boards were prepped, I stained them and left them to dry.  

Once the stain was set I flipped them all over and secured two scrap strips of wood with my brad nailer to connect it all together.  

Next, I flipped it back around and stenciled the state of Texas, her name and her birth date with white chalk paint.

I left the back unfinished.  If she wants to hang it then I'll add two hooks and secure a wire but all in all this was another quick nap time project for me to do.

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