Chevron quilt comforter cover

January 06, 2015
I've had scraps of fabric leftover from my sons nursery bedding laying around so I decided to make a quilt.  Next time I will make my squares bigger and have less rows.  The amount of ironing involved for each seam took forever to do.....not to mention trying to match up each angle!

For the front:
Each zig zag row you will need 12 - 5" squares of patterbed fabric and 12 - 5" squares of white fabric.  Depending on how large you are making yours (mine was for a twin bed so It measures roughly 60x82") will determine how many rows you will need (mine is 9 patterned fabric and 10 white fabric zig zag rows).  Then I cut out 2 - 6x60" and 2 - 6x70" strips to block off my quilt.  Cut all the squares in half and match up a patterned one with a white one.  Sew and iron.  Pin each square to another in order to create a zig zag.  Iron each seam then connect the two strips to form the zig zag.  Iron and repeat for each row.

Lay out all your rows to figure out where each zig zag will be.  Pin, sew and iron and repeat until all the rows are connected.  Finally pin, sew and iron your remaining four pieces to block off your quilt.   

For the back:
I decided to continue blocking off the top and bottom with 2 - 8"x60" strips.  Then alternate white and gray strips measuring 22x60" each.  Pin, sew and iron all your seams.  Finally with wrong sides together sew 3 of the sides up leaving the bottom open to put in the comforter.  Sew halfway and add Velcro to hold in your comforter.

After all the work involved in making it I decided to skip the batting/quilting part and leave it as a comforter cover.  

It turned out really nice considering it was my first 'quilt'!  I'm just happy to be done with it but I now feel the urge to make another.....

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