Diy Wooden Stars

December 09, 2014
Here's another DIY holiday decor item you can do with scrap wood!

This was a really quick and easy project that Myra and I put together in just a few minutes.  You could add additional steps to get a certain look or finish but we are kind of digging the rustic look of these stars.

We took 5 thin pieces of wood or for hers we used 5 pallet pieces that we already had and cut them down to match.  We eyeballed the first then made the remaining 4 remaining pieces the same size roughly 2 feet (we didn't cut down her pallet pieces).  Then we laid them out to form the shape of a star starting with the long piece across the middle, moving onto the points on the bottom, connecting out to the sides and then up top.  Make sure the pieces lay flat or it will be impossible to nail or screw them together so rearrange until it does. Finish it off with a nail or screw at all the points and one or two of the middle intersecting pieces.

I decided to paint mine white (using the leftover paint from the same sample can that Elizabeth had brought over for our DIY PBK inspired wooden advent tree).  Myra left hers unpainted and I think they turned out good!  I think she plans to wrap lights around hers and place it in her backyard.

I had already purchased battery powered lights that I didn't end up using for our  DIY Lighted Holiday Marquee.  I thought it was the perfect addition for my holiday mantle.....

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