Make It Yourself Facial Scrub!

July 26, 2014
Looking up ideas for my best friend Priscilla's bridal shower was so much fun!  One of the ideas I fell in love with was to make your own facial scrub.  This was something fun, easy and the guests could all customize it and take one home.  I bought some mini mason jars and created some labels to fit on the lids.  Then I used the same template and made labels for each of the jars for people to choose their ingredients.

Things you'll need:
Lavender essential oil

There are so many 'recipes' out there so I just chose 3 for the guests to use as a guide.  One was for sensitive skin using oats, a sugar scrub (recipe found here) and a salt scrub.  The lemon sugar facial scrub is my favorite!  I have adjusted it a little but it is something I use daily and it leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth!

In an airtight container (mason jar or tupperware) measure out:
1 c granuated sugar
1/2 c vegetable oil (or you could use almond, coconut oil or olive oil but it may change the color of the scrub)
1 lemon juiced and/or zest
2 tbsp honey

Mix it all together then go wash up, feel fresh and enjoy!

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