DIY Happy birthday Pennant

February 28, 2014
One of the DIY projects for my sons 2nd birthday party that I wanted to do was to create a Happy Birthday Pennant.  I wanted it to hang over the mantle of my fireplace and I decided it would say Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden so there would be 3 rows.  This was an easy and inexpensive DIY project and was the perfect party decoration.  I hung this pennant over colored streamers that I taped and twisted from the ceiling down to the mantle alternating white, black, teal matched with color coordinating balloons below it.

What you need:
12 sheets of decorative scrapbook paper (2 triangles per sheet)
Printer paper
Glue stick
Template for letters and triangle

I cut out the letters to spell out 'Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden' as well as 19 triangles.  I found a great triangle template from the blog and the template can be found here I also used her happy birthday letters template to get the correct sized circles but I changed the font to suite my style.  Her Happy Birthday letter templates can be found here

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