Make Ahead! Pizza Muffins & Chicken Pot Pie

February 05, 2014

I have been on a mission to stock our freezer with ready made snacks and meals to make my life simpler and to help deny the temptation of stopping at a fast food joint.  The convenience is so tempting but the food options not so healthy.  I have been making a list of recipes to try and this was one of the recipes on my list.  I got this one off the blog freezer and it can be found here.  Two of my girlfriends came over for a cooking play date and we whipped these up in no time!  They turned out pretty good and are quite tasty.

We also made chicken pot pies which I also found on freezer  This was a little more involved in terms of steps but still easy to do.  Between the 3 of us there were 7 kiddos playing and we managed to make 2 batches of the pizza muffins giving us each 15 muffins and two chicken pot pies to take home!  All in all I'd say it was a successful first cooking play date!

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