DIY spray paint frame and paint chip art

August 25, 2013
I had just purchased a bamboo wood frame from the goodwill for $1.99 and picked up a can of rustoleum universal metallic spray pain in silver from the home depot this afternoon.  I was looking up ideas on what to put inside the frame and saw this silver bamboo painted picture frame (exactly what I had in mind when I bought my frame at the goodwill) on google images.    Turns out it was a link to this diy blog.  She has a really simple tutorial on how to make paint chip art for her spray painted frame.  This might be what I end up doing since I do have quite a stack of paint chips hidden away....

Anyways after clicking through a few of her posts I fell in love this blog!  She has some great ideas and the DIY projects are pretty straight forward anyone can do them!  Click on this link to see her full tutorial.  LiveLoveDIY: DIY Paint Chip Art

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