DIY Nursing Cover

June 03, 2012
Quick, easy and a must have for every new mom...a nursing cover!  I have a bebe aulait nursing cover that I absolutely love and use each and every time we are out of the house.  I was thinking of purchasing a second cover that I could use while it was in the wash between outings.  So instead of purchasing a second cover I decided to make one, using my bebe aulait nursing cover as my guide.  This is also a perfect gift I can make in the future for a new mom as a gift.

What you need:

26" x 38" fabric for nursing cover
3" x 29" and 3" x 8" fabric for straps
15" boning material
2 D rings
9" squares of terry cloth and cotton fabric (optional)
Thread and sewing machine

For the straps, I cut out 3" x 29 and 3" x 8.  Fold straps in half then press down raw edges and sew along both sides to create straps 1.5" wide.

I liked having a terry cloth pocket in the the bottom left hand corner so what I did was cut out a 9" square terry cloth, folded it in half and cut triangle as well as a 9" square cotton cloth, folded that in half and cut triangle.  Then with right sides together (terry cloth and cotton cloth triangles) sew together the middle.  Flip around right side out and iron.  Go ahead and sew the other two sides together but it won't matter if seams show because it will be hidden inside the edges of the nursing cover.

Iron out fabric then fold in raw edges to create finished seams on three sides (not the top). Pin terry/cotton triangle under seams into left bottom corner then sew, removing pins as you go along.

Mark middle then match up the boning material facing down then fold fabric over to create seam.  Pin down straps on either side of boning material overlapping an inch or so to secure it when sewing.

Fold straps over the top of boning seam and sew again to secure.

Sew as close to D rings as possible to secure into place.

All done!  Now I can make another as a gift with some fun printed fabric I have in my stash :)

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