DIY fabric bin

May 30, 2012

Who doesn't need more storage bins to put away miscellaneous things so they aren't scattered everywhere?  I found this great DIY storage solution project at sew4home that I loved.  There is a great tutorial found here.  I simplified it so I only made the storage bin and handles, no fancy edges or finishing ribbons to hide seams.

This project was quick and easy which was a perfect distraction for me when I was a few days past my due date and anxiously needing something to do.  It's also a great nap time project!  After successfully making the first one I have now made two more for total set of 3.

Cut two different patterns of fabric for outside and for the lining.  I cut 2 of each 15 x 10 for the bin and 2 x10 for the handles.  Cut 4 pieces of interfacing, iron onto wrong side of fabric and sew along edges to secure interfacing.

Right sides together sew coordinating pieces together along 3 sides.  Push corners out, mark 3" in, cut and sew right sides together.  Repeat on solid to create lining.

Right side out outer fabric and fit together.  Pin on handles then fold and top stitch edges to create finished look.

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