DIY fabric travel chair update

November 30, 2010

A travel fabric high chair is……genius!  I finally completed one during one of my ‘free’ afternoons.  I used upolstery fabric that I already had in my craft closet and a few left over pieces to contrast with it.  This travel fabric high chair works really and keeps my daughter secured to a regular chair which she loves although like any other high chair she can’t be left alone.

I basically used the tutorial from this mama makes stuff but adapted it because I wanted to have a more secure way to keep my daughter in the chair besides velcro.  I made button holes and used ribbon to tie securely.
pattern of 3 pieces (1 - 35”L x 6.5”H; 1-4.5”L x 3.25”H; 1-19”L x 11.5”H) and 2 pieces of ribbon 12" L
Mark middle on both ends of long pice then sew ribbon onto wrong side where you just marked.
After you have secured connector piece, set up on chair and wrap around child.  Mark both sides then create button hole.
Place onto chair, insert child, pull ribbon through button holes and tie around back of chair, ta da!  

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