Knit toddler beanie

October 17, 2010
Since fall is here I have been searching around for some projects to add to my daughters closet.  I saw this adorable beanie on and the original post can be found here.  Best of all it looks easy enough to do in one weekend!
Image for Knitted Child's Beanie DIY Craft Project

  • Selected 8 ply or double worsted Wool 2 oz(50g)
    Size 10 (6mm) knitting needles
Cast on 30sts
Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 - Knit 1, Purl 1
Alternate these 2 rows till it measures 6 inches(15 cm).
K4, k2 tog till end of Row
K1 , P1 till end of Row
k3,k2 tog till end of Row
K1,p1 till end of Row
K2 , k2 tog till end of Row
k1,p1 till end of Row
K1 , k2 tog till of end
p2 tog all away across the row
Thread yarn through needle and draw up.
Sew side seams together.
Embellish with a knitted flower or Pom Pom.

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