DIY curtains

September 01, 2010
I finally got around to making curtains for my daughters room. I piled out the fabric from this fabric store going out of business and a curtain rod. Her window measures:

What you need:

4 yards fabric depending on window
Sewing machine
Curtain rod

First measure out an 8 inch strip along side edge and cut.  Then fold the fabric in half and cut creating 2 panels of approximately 1.75 yards each.  Cut 16 - 4 x 8 inch rectangles from the strip for curtain loops.

Hem the top, bottom and side edges.  

Sew wrong sides of each strip then flip right side out.  Sew down each side of 8 inch seam.  Iron flat.

Make 8 marks, spread out evenly along each curtain panel.

With right side out sew on loop to top of curtain at marked edges.

Iron if desired and thread through curtain rod, all done!

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