Army Laundry Bag

September 23, 2010
I saw this cool post online for this army bag and the best part is it is super easy with step by step instructions.

1. Laundry Bag (they are around 5$ and available in surplus stores and ebay. I like the used ones.)
2. chalk
3. ruler
4. scissors
5. pins
6. needle and thread (use buttonhole/craft thread for this one)

Tutorial: 5 Minute Army Laundry Bag
How To:

The principle is really easy. You essentially cut a rectangle from the top part of the bag and sew the two emerging handles together.

1.  Lay out your laundry bag. Use tailors chalk to draw two parallel lines 12 inches long 4.5 inches from each side. Connect them into a rectangle (see image 1). I have not given the distance between the 2 lines because the width of laundry bags vary slightly. Now round the 2 drawn corners by measuring 1 inch from the inside of each corner and draw a small curve to soften them.

2. Cut out your rectangle. Notice the slightly rounded corners in the 2nd picture.

3. Remove the strings from the laundry bag.

4. Sew the two "handles together". I overlapped the top parts. You can use a machine or your trusty old needle. I used a running stitch and button hole thread to make the bag really strong. (After all I might want to transport some books from the library in it.) It's a bit of work to sew by hand through all the layers and my needle broke in the middle. But it's a short seam and the end result is so worth it.

That's it!

For the original post click on this link:  Army Laundry, or a Cool Bag for a Hot Summer

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