DIY reusable snack bag

August 19, 2010
How cute is this?!  

I was searching for some DIY projects and came accross this gem.  I especially like this one because it looks like it is the perfect size for my daughter's snacks and some of mine too.  :)

scrap sizes of cotton prints - anything that makes a reasonably sized rectangle)
equal size piece of PUL, oil cloth, or second piece of cotton print
scissors, thread, pins
sewing machine
1. Cut your two different fabric scraps into two equally sized rectangles. You may use a ziplock bag as a reference, or just whatever size your scrap will allow. You will be folding the rectangle in half for the final bag, so keep that in mind when you decide on the size and orientation of the rectangle.
2. Right sides facing, sew one short end of the rectangles together. Repeat this with the opposite end.
3. Now turn the rectangles right side out. It may help to iron the seams flat at this point, or don’t bother.
4. Cut a length of sticky and soft velcro about 1/2” shorter than the seam you just sewed. (My velcro is the exact length in the pictures - I wised up later, so just ignore that!)
First, position the sticky velcro centered just below the seam on the inside of your bag and pin in place. Topstitch the velcro in place along the top edge of the velcro, and again along the bottom edge. Repeat this with the soft side of the velcro on the opposite seam.
5. Fold the rectangle in half, with the inside (the side with the velcro) out. Line up your top seams and pin in place.
6. Stitch down both sides of the rectangle with a 1/4” seam allowance, and neatly trim and threads or rough edges. (In the picture below, I didn’t line up my top seams well, and had to redo this, so ignore that, too!)
7. Turn the bag right side out, closing with the velcro. If you don’t care about raw edges, you could stop here. Or take it one step farther and top stitch down both sides, encasing the raw edges inside this new seam.

The original article can be found on their blog called we wilsons and their pdf tutorial can be found here.

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