DIY eco friendly pom pom gift topper

August 15, 2010
Who has excess plastic grocery bags from shopping at home?

I do!  I don't have any creative ways on how to go about using them other than usual lining my garbage can, carrying my lunch, carrying shoes, or recycling them....that is until now.  I came across this awesome tutorial on how to use them as pom pom gift toppers on a blog site called creature comforts.  This is a cute, fun and easy way to dress up any gift!  Check out her original article here.


You will need: * 1 plastic grocery bag (per pom pom) * pair of sharp scissors * 5-10 minutes of free time *
Step 1. Lay your shopping bag flat and cut both handles off.  Set handles aside for later.  Cut the bottom off of your bag.  Cut just enough so that you are left with a tube of plastic (open at both ends).  Open your bag and cut down both of the side seams (this will create two squares of plastic).
Step 2. Starting at one edge, cut around your plastic square in a continuous line (as shown in the picture).  Don't worry about making it super straight or even.  Repeat with your second plastic square.  You will end up with two long strips of plastic (they will be all crooked... but that's okay).
Step 3.  Starting with one of the strips (I chose the white plastic first so that the red would stand out at the end.  Yours will look differently depending upon what your bag looks like), begin wrapping the plastic around four of your fingers using your thumb to keep it steady as you wrap it around. (see photo).  Repeat with your last plastic strip.
Step 4. Carefully tie one of the handles (that you cut off in step one), around the entire bundle of plastic securing with a double knot.  You may want to knot it more than one time.  The ends of the plastic handle that you used to tie your bundle with will be hanging loose.  Do not cut these.
Step 5.  Take your scissors (the sharper and pointier the better) and cut through the loops that were formed when you wrapped the plastic around your hand.  These might be hard to see and will probably be all bunched together at this point.  (if this step is not making sense, refer to the video I link to above.  It's easier to see with yarn).
Step 6 + 7. Once all the loops have been cut, grasp the two long ends (that you didn't cut because you followed the instruction above) in one of your hands.  Gently shake your pom pom to fluff it up a bit.  You can also use your other hand to re-arrange things to your liking.  You may like the untamed version at this point... which means you can stop now.  Or if you want something a little more groomed, begin cutting around your pom pom with your scissors (give it a haircut)... trimming any pieces that stick out or that make it lopsided.
Step 8. Once you have it trimmed to your liking you are done!  Yay!  You can tie pom poms to your gifts using the two long pieces that you left uncut.  Or trim the long ends and string a bunch of these together for a garland or attach them to a wreath form for some festive decor!
Eco-bonus: Try wrapping smaller gifts in the paper from brown grocery bags!

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