Family snow day!

December 30, 2017
We just got a nice dose of fresh snow here on the east coast so we took the kiddos snow tubing!  Roundtop Snow Resort is a couple hours drive from our home.  The kiddos were super excited as this was their first time going to a ski resort with the exception of my daughter who has gone to one before.  The drive into Roundtop was surprisingly easy from the freeway and the signage is very clear.  We were pleasantly surprised to find parking so close to the actual skiing/tubing areas.

The ticket window attendant was also very informative and helpful.  She explained the different ski to learn packages as well as any discounts available such as evening ski classes were less as well as less crowded.  The snow tubing worked out that two single day passes was almost the price of a season pass!

The snow tubing hill is separated by the rolling carpet so that children 4 & under had a small hill they walked up then snow tubes down.  Older children and adults took their tube and went up the rolling carpet to the top of a larger hill then snow tubed down.  My older kids liked the big hulk and then they liked pulling the younger ones up the little hill and pushing them down.  This worked out well as you could somewhat keep an eye on both sides.  The rolling carpet is covered so you can’t watch them all the way to the top but then you can see as they get on their snow tube to come down.  There are workers in their Roundtop jackets everywhere - assisting them at the top, helping at the bottom and organizing snow tubes for those that are finished.

Kayla’s evening ski lesson ended up being a private lesson which is what we were hoping for!  She was able to get up on the ski lift and ski down the beginner slope a few times with her instructor.  She has a ways to go but she had a great first lesson of the season!

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