DIY Rustic Pallet Stars

December 20, 2017
After making a pallet Advent tree I decided I needed a star to go on top.  I still had lots of pallet wood leftover to use.  I found this awesome tutorial (click here) and pattern (click here) for these cute rustic stars.

I printed her pattern and cut out all my pallet pieces.  She had two sizes so I decided to try making both since I couldn't decide which would be better.  Be careful!  Since I was using leftover pieces to cut these even littler pieces out it was a bit challenging.....

I decided to just wood glue the pieces together and left it overnight to see how it did rather than drilling all the extra holes.  It actually seemed sturdy, maybe because they are fairly small pieces but just in case I added a second layer of wood glue along the seams and it has held up great!

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