Trying out Gobble Delivery Service

October 26, 2017

This week we received our first box from Gobble.  It arrived Wednesday morning and was packaged great with individually wrapped meats, produce and spices/sauce inside an insulated package with ice packs inside.

I was pleasantly surprised with how ready to go the food was since there is very little prep to be done!  The receipe cards are straightforward and the steps are simple to follow.  My 7 year old had a blast looking through the box and choosing a meal she could help make.  For this weeks delivery we chose wagu beef hamburgers, chicken with mashed potatoes, and brown sugar crusted salmon.  She chose to make the wagu beef hamburgers and we found the serving portions to be very generous.  We had ordered the meal box with 2 servings and we had plenty to make 4 open faced burgers vs 2.

This is a really convenient service and I only ordered it for this 1 week to try it out.  We found that since I did not change my grocery shopping habits we ended up with too much food and rather than saving money we spent more.  My husband was more inclined to cook the week we had this Gobble box with my daughter so that is another added benefit that is priceless.  If we choose to continue with this service I will have to rethink/replan my grocery shopping in order to save money which is the main benefit of this service (for me) besides the added convenience.  I plan to research some more as there are many services similar to this out there!

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