Jamberry Nail wraps

December 23, 2013
Have you seen these?!  Jamberry nail wraps are an awesome at home instant manicure with fun prints!  No more waiting for your nails to dry or scuffing them the next day after an hour at the nail salon.  These jamberry nail wraps last  about 2 weeks and each sheet ($15/sheet) can cover 2 manicures and 2 pedicures!  Check them out at my website and see for yourself:

Pictured below are the mint and white chevron and the golf stripes (clear) over red nail polish.  My other two nails have plain red polish.  I'll post a day 7 pic when the time comes as well as a day 14 pic so you can see the comparison.  On my 4 year old daughter, I placed a jamberry junior ladybug nail wrap on her big toe.

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