DIY Chevron dresser redo

November 28, 2013
I fell in love with this dresser redo project that can be found here:
What I needed for this project:  Pencil, measuring tape, 1 quart white paint (we had from previous project), 1 quart of gray paint at lowe’s (discounted for $5), and 1.88” frog tape ($6.97).  Another reason I loved this dresser redo project because for us it cost next to nothing and it looked fantastic.  
First I (my Dad) put on two fresh coats of white paint on the dresser drawers.
After the paint dried we began measuring and taping 2” apart.  We lined up the dresser drawers and used a pencil to make 3 marks to line up the tape diagonally.
Next I (my Dad) painted the dressers with the gray paint.
After a little love and work, remove the tape and enjoy!  
This is one of many DIY projects that I have planned as I finally decided to spruce up my daughters room and get the nursery ready for a baby boy.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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