DIY Hospital Gown

February 20, 2012

I've seen a few designer hospital gowns and searched online but I decided I could make my own.  Through this pregnancy I've constantly been looking for DIY projects to do around the house and rather than 'nesting' I've created quite a pile of DIY projects in my craft room.
I modified the free hospital gown pattern that I found here and it also has a set of instructions.  I took it in about 1" all around and shortened it 1 inch as I am only 5'2".  I also cut out extra strips of fabric as well as interfacing for the shoulders and back where I sewed on the velcro to secure the gown closed for more reinforcement.

First I attached the back piece of extra fabric and interfacing onto straight edge of both back pieces, this is where I would later sew on the velcro.

Next I folded down the tops of each shoulder piece and sewed them down so they would overlap nicely.

I attached the velcro about 1" apart along shoulder on both sides and about 3" apart down the back.  I cut the velcro into 1" pieces then halved the width so they would fit onto the shoulder.

I wanted to have a trim so I used brown bias tape around neck, arms and bottom of gown.

This is the finished gown that I wore to the hospital on my delivery day.

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