DIY fabric travel high chair

September 28, 2010
Genius! This is a perfect DIY project although I haven't had the time to make one yet but I've been wanting to. The original tutorial can be found here - Tutorial: This Mama’s Fab Travel Chair.
I found a second tutorial based on the this mama makes stuff on a blog called homemade by Jill which can be found here.

Basically the instructions are cut out 3 rectangles for your pattern - a waist strap, the connector, and a seat piece (may vary in size depending on child)

You need:
2 patterns of fabric (if preferred)
sewing machine

Cut out 3 rectangles in each fabric and 3 rectangles of batting to fit in between fabric pieces.  Check their tutorials for further instructions as I haven't tried this out yet.

Below are some pictures from the blog homemade by Jill:

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